Eric C. Downing

5766 Acorn Court • Hoffman Estates, IL 60192 • (847) 592-7245 (H) (847) 532-1626 (C)



Skills:  Embedded Systems Programming, Scripting, Web Design, Web Master,

            Makefiles, Graphic Design, System Administration

Languages: C, C++, C#, PERL, PHP, JAVA, SQL, TCL/TK, HTML, XML,

       Python, JavaScript

Systems: Windows XP/CE/7, LINUX, MacOS, SOLARIS, VxWorks

Software: MS Visual Studio, MS Platform Builder, MS Office, VxWorks Tornado    

            Build Systems:  TeamCity, Hudson, CruiseControl, Ant, Maven, Make

            CMS Systems: Nuxeo, Wordpress,Joomla


Work Experience


Coverity, Inc,Hoffman Estates, IL(Remote) - Professional Services Engineer

November 2009 - Present

     Integrate Coverity Products into customer build environments

     Wrote custom scripts based on SOAP interface in Perl

     Developed Java integration package for deployment

     Instructed engineers on use of tools

     Implemented process improvements to deploy software

Technology: Java,Perl,Shell Scripting,C,C++,C#,XML,Ant,Maven,Makefiles


Teleformix, Itasca,IL  - Software Engineer

December 2008 – September 2009

      Administer Informix Database system

      Extended Nuxeo CMS system to run i-Net Crystal Clear reports with Quartz Scheduling

      Wrote automated report installer in Java

      Designed and wrote Automated Bulk Mail Sending application

Technology: Java, SQL, Shell scripting, Javascript, CMS, Java Server Faces,Informix


Klocwork,Hoffman Estates, IL(Remote)Professional Services Specialist

 April 2007 – November 2008

      Integrated Klockwork product chain into customer build environments.

      Extracted defect reports from Klockworks tools operating on C/C++/C#/Java source code

      Wrote C-based custom code checkers

      Worked with the customers to minimize dependencies in their code and improve their software architecture.

      Wrote and taught lessons to customers on how to maximize their use of the tools.

Technology: C/C++, Java, C#, Makefiles, Perl, Python, XML, SVN


PolySpace Technologies,Worburn,MA ,Hoffman Estates, IL(Remote) - Field Applications Engineer

June 2004 – April 2007

      Analyze C/C++/Ada95 code to find run-time errors with the PolySpace Verifier 

      Train and support Pre/Post sales customers on-site and off-site

      Customize build environments with scripts and documentation

      Prepare analysis results presentations

Technology: C/C++, Java, C#, Makefiles, Perl


COIS Database System - Owner and Developer

July 2002 – July 2005

Technology: Visual Basic, Access Database, SQL


Gotuit Audio, Andover MA - Quality Assurance Contractor

September 2003 – February 2004

      Gotuit Time Delay Car Radio

      Wrote and implemented all  test plans and procedures

      Installed and administered bugzilla system and Chora CVS browser

      Maintained Network infrastructure

Technology: C/C++, Makefiles, Perl, Defect tracking


Planar Systems Inc., Waltham, MA - Software Engineer

July 2002 - July 2003

      Created WinCE applications for persistent registry

      Added Citrix client functionality to WinCE image

      Created and tested driver installs on LINUX with RPM

      Ported Calibration program and Libraries from Solaris to LINUX 

      Tested Video drivers on Solaris systems

      Wrote Windows based utilities for driver development

Technology: C/C++. Perl, Makefiles, Platform Builder


FrontPath,  Billerica, MA - Field Applications Engineer

January 2001 - October 2001     

Technology: C/C++, Perl


Oak Technologies (formerly Xionics),  Woburn, MA  - Software Engineer, ASIC Test


April 1997  - January 2001   

      Developed Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)functionality for IPS

      Developed XML strategy for next generation printers

      Ported Webserver from SOLARIS OS to VxWorks for embedded printer controller

      Added RemoteAdmin capability to IPS

      Wrote SMTP notification API

      Ported IPS software to ColorCopy PowerPC reference controller with Scan-to-Print functionality

      Wrote SCSI driver for ColorCopy scanner and data processing software

      Wrote diagnostic tests for RAMBUS memory subsystems

      Ported code for IPS from pSOS to VxWorks on a PowerPC platform

      Ported VxWorks boot code to new embedded printer controller

      Updated Buglog interface scripts for enhanced functionality

      Created scripts for faster creation of automated reports

      Created and updated assembler for PCL/XL printer description language

Technology: C/C++, Perl, TCL/TK, Verilog, Makefiles


Mercury Computer Systems,  Chelmsford, MA - Software Engineer

September 1994 - April 1997

Technology: C/C++, Perl, MAGIC/L, Makefiles



Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Career Development, September 2000 – June 2001

              Courses: SQL, Active Server Pages(ASP), Visual Basic


Northeastern University,  Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science,   1998

Courses: C++, Distributed OS Design, Object Oriented Programming, Compiler Design



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