faq ( frequently asked questions )

Do you provide hosting services?

We do. We can setup or transfer your domain to our hosting service.

How do you pronounce Imagize and what is it?

The pronunciation is: "image eyes." One of our goals is to use our imagination to come up with an exciting solution. So, we came up with "imagine" plus excitement (ize) becomes Imagize.

How do we get started?

Contact us and we will arrange a meeting, either face to face or over the phone. We will meet with you to get the project scope, learn about any time constraints and design needs. After our initial meeting, we will give you a contract that contains a statement of work, the project scope, estimated time of completion, pay schedules and responsibilities for each side. Once we are in agreement, we will both sign it.

Why is there a contract?

A contract is used to try to minimize any assumptions and therefore any problems between the two parties. We are in business to help our clients, not prosecute them!

contacts Hire Imagize Design Studio today. Call 877.FULL.WEB (877.385.5932) or email designer@imagize.com
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100% Risk Free Guarantee We stand behind our work. If we do not complete everything agreed upon to your satisfaction, we will refund you are money. Call us for details.